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Scientific publications with enode.

The Otto-von-Guericke University has compared different VBT measuring devices using the VICON reference system. The following graph shows the results of 3 exercises. The other measuring systems are not mentioned for the sake of fairness. However, these systems are common competitors of enode.

The smallest details determine the success of a training intervention in the development of world-class athletes. At the same time, quick decisions are necessary in training planning in order to individualize it on a daily basis. By means of the Vmaxpro system force velocity profiles (e.g. over the muscle performance threshold) can be sharply mapped with minimum effort in terms of time and material and thus the training contents can be precisely defined and individualized. In the further training process, the system provides feedback on each individual repetition as to whether the desired training content is being implemented and thus enables immediate corrections to be made if necessary. The automatic documentation of the training units saves time and serves as a planning parameter for the long-term training process.

Christian Wiegel
Training scientist at the OTC Saxony-Anhalt