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The days of athlete-destroying training should be long gone. Our technology allows to always optimally stress an athlete - without destroying him or her in the long run.

Velocity Profile

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Handle stress and load the right way
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Force intent with real time feedback

The same load can mean a different stress on different days. It should be noted that the daily 1 repetition maximum can fluctuate by up to ± 18 % in the period of one month. Using Enode Pro, the load can be adapted to the daily readiness after each set.

Velocity based training

The quasi-linear relation between velocity and load can be used to create a velocity profile of an athlete in a particular exercise, and therefore recommendations for actual loads used by an athlete can be given based on the daily readiness.

Velocity Profile

This leads to the question of how fatiguing a training should and how long the regeneration time of the athlete will be. The more fatigue an athlete experiences in a set, the longer it will take him to recover.

The most accessible way to describe fatigues is through Repetitions in Reserve (RIR) or Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE). Both can be subjectively or objectively measured using the velocity based training approach. We are utilizing this information to make the predictions for the athlete even more accurate.

AI coaching

Define and choose a training goal which already determines a rough percentage range of the load that will be used. The final load range and stress level will be further defined by selecting the 2 intensity settings.

As a Vmaxpro Trainer or Team user, advanced settings are available here as an alternative. If the advanced settings are selected, the previous selections have no effect and you can choose your very own VBT settings.

Workout Setup

Each sport or training philosophy considers different values for an objective evaluation of the training. That is why everyone can decide for themselves which values should be taken into consideration for the evaluation of strength training.

All this in real time during the training, individually adapted to your needs. The direct display of these values can play a decisive role in the motivation of an athlete.

Direct Feedback

Analyze every moment

Be able to distinguish things that are very difficult to see with the bare eye. For example, rotations, inclinations, acceleration vectors or velocities for every moment of a lift.

Sagittal Projection
3D Trajectory

Use technology wisely

Enode Pro can help you make the right decisions in training without disrupting your training flow. The combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis gives you a completely new perspective on strength training. The conclusions for your training can be done by yourself or with the help of our app.

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