Software Pricing

Individuals train for free – forever. Upgrade to enable unlimited athletes, enhanced management capabilities, and more.

BasicEnode Pro+
TrainingFree 36,
BasicEnode Pro+
TrainingFree 360,
Included stations22+
Data export
Rack mode
Multi station mode
Workout scheduling
Interface export
Athlete logins
Athlete groups
Organizational roles
App lock screen
Enode Lab


Built for enterprises who want to scale with confidence, Enode Pro+ Enterprise offers advanced analysis, guidance from our experienced experts.

Hardware Pricing

We are offering the most accurate and reliable hardware for measuring metrics in strength training for a competitive price.

All day battery




Expandable applications








Small form factor


44 x 27 x 12 mm

Enode Sensor

Compatible with


Ideal for free weight, body weight, machine training or vertical plyometrics.

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All day battery





Small form factor


Ø40 x 18 mm

Enode Bar Kit

Compatible with


The sensors for the world’s only digital barbells. In proud collaboration with Eleiko.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the advanced features of Enode Pro+ available on all platforms?

We can currently provide the Multi Station Mode feature and the included Enode Lab App access only on Apple devices. Everything else is fully usable on Android as well.

What is a station?

A station is a mobile device (smartphone or tablet), for example a tablet on a rack, on which training can be performed with 1 Vmaxpro Sensor. Up to 3 virtual stations can exist simultaneously on an iPad. Each virtual station is subtracted from the existing station contingent of the account. Let’s take an account that currently has 6 stations booked as an example. Theoretically, this account could operate 2 iPads with 3 stations each. But it could also use 1 station on each of 6 iPads.

Why do I have to subscribe to at least 2 stations?

Our pricing model for Enode Pro+ is based entirely on the number of stations. Each Enode free account is already able to work with 2 stations out of the box. This circumstance results in that Enode Pro+ must be purchased for at least 2 stations, and thus forms the base price for Enode Pro+. Each additional station required can be booked individually.

What do I save by booking Enode Pro+ annually?

You save 20% compared to a monthly payment. Regardless of this, the cost of a single station decreases the more stations are booked.