Enode Pro for advanced users & institutions

With Enode Pro+ you have the ability as a personal trainer, S&C coach or association manager to let all your athletes train optimally with Enode Pro. No matter how big you are.

You are missing out by using Enode Pro as a stop watch – be smart and utilize auto regulated training recommendations for all your athletes.

Over 50.000 athletes worldwide in a wide range of institutions
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Just sell your force plate

Ease of use

With our Hip Strap you can analyze many athletes quick and easy.

Jump specific metrics

Get information about RSI, Ground Contact Time or Jump Height, and more.

Multi Station Mode

Spend your money wisely

Multiple stations per iPad

In order not to have to invest most of your valuable budget in iPads, we have developed the Multi Station Mode. This allows you to run up to 3 stations simultaneously on one iPad.

Clustering options

Automatically group athletes by name, height or strength.

The right workout for everyone

Workout scheduling

You can schedule workouts for single athletes, groups or coaches. Make adaptions to training goals and make them available with different scheduling options.

Adapts to your needs

… the number of stations required usually depends for example on the number of existing power racks, mobile devices or sensors. A special feature is that iPads can accommodate up to 3 stations. Athlete logins are not counted an accounts station quota.

If you still have questions about what is the right solution for your setup, just contact our sales team.

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Stations Discount (%) Price per station
2 180,00 
3 10.56 % 161,00 
4 16.11 % 151,00 
5 19.44 % 145,00 
6 22.22 % 140,00 
7 23.89 % 137,00 
8 25.56 % 134,00 
9 27.22 % 131,00 
10 28.33 % 129,00 
11 29.44 % 127,00 
12 30.56 % 125,00 
13 31.67 % 123,00 
14 32.78 % 121,00 
15 33.33 % 120,00 
16 34.44 % 118,00 
17 35.56 % 116,00 
18 36.67 % 114,00 
19 37.22 % 113,00 
20 38.33 % 111,00 
21 39.44 % 109,00 
22 40.56 % 107,00 
23 41.11 % 106,00 
24+ 42.22 % 104,00 

We letresultsspeak

We have been using Enode Pro (Vmaxpro) for about 1.5 years now in competitive sports at a federal swimming base. This allows us to implement the strength training optimally in our weekly plans, so that for each athlete an individually controlled and effective strength training can be carried out in addition to swimming depending on the daily form. Thank you Enode Pro (Vmaxpro) team. Our progress over the past year has been tremendous.

I’ve been using the app incl. unit for a few weeks now, and I’m completely thrilled. I was surprised how much my performance drops after several sets. Thanks to the feedback from the app, I now have data and can address this problem.

The control of strength training has improved disproportionately. It is finally possible to record strength training qualitatively and quantitatively with precise measurement systems and all this so quickly and easily. A great little gadget! 👍

I think it is the best option for the high school setting when working with large groups. The automation of Enode Pro(Vmaxpro) is unmatched. It will recommend the next set based upon the speeds of the previous set/sets. All the kids have to do is press “recommend load” & roll on to the next set.

As a small, fine fitness studio, we have recently often pondered how to make the training more efficient or the training success visible. With this sensor we have found a very cheap but also very reliable tool to evaluate the strength and performance of our customers. And the possibilities are not exhausted yet. But also for every fitness athlete himself, the training gets a significant upgrade. And if you consider that a pair of running shoes costs more, a carbon bike, a monthly salary devours, this is not too big an expense. 👍

Best VBT sensor 🔥

Christophe Mathieu